iart is a specialist in the conception, development and implementation of media architectures

iart specialises on media architectures. By this we mean the conception, planning, realisation and operation of media solutions for exhibitions, museums, architectural projects and exterior spaces.

Since 2001, iart realises projects at the cutting edge between media, art and technology, giving a special focus to spatial interaction. We meet complex design challenges by leveraging our background as an engineering firm to serve as an interdisciplinary competence centre drawing from expertise in management, design, engineering and servicing.

Because our ambition is to conceive bespoke multimedia concepts, each project presents a new challenge. Based on the requirements of the project – the rooms, the presentation and the exhibits – we develop new concepts and innovative technical solutions that offer visitors intuitive access to their contents. We owe the success of our projects to our interdisciplinary team of experts – consisting of engineers, architects, scenographers, interaction and industrial designers, cultural scientists, media scientists and art historians – as well as our close collaboration with the architects, exhibition designers, curators and artists of each project.